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2 days ago I made a post about white jeans and how sexy and chic they are. Little did I know, my girl Rihanna (whom I already adore) has proved me right yet again. Check her stolling in the streets of NY yesterday. Thanks to Concreteloop….


I love the whole outfit. She makes the necklace and the jean jacket work perfectly together. The shoes are hottttt…..Go Rihanna anna anna…



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The following versace ads are with model Gisele Bundchen.  For all of you my fellow bag and shoe addicts: ENJOY!!!

Stylish styles!!!

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I came accross 3 very different styles but yet all stylish … I had to post them as they are perfect example of Street style, Day style and evening style… I am sure u can figure out which is which…

Tracey Edmonds in a nice and sexy black dress toped with a chic black coat and suede boots. Of course, it doesnt hurt to have a banging body like hers (especially after 2 kids).

Christina Millian in a very relax and funky style. She keeps it chic though with that gold-toned handbag. Personally I have never been able to do the torn-up jeans style, but it looks great on Christina and I think i’ll try it….

Kim K. in a very cute floral dress with hot accessories such as bracelets or that Prada handbag matched with some C Louboutin pumps.

Herve Leger dresses….

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Am pretty sure that you guys have seen those dresses on celebrities before. They are so popular, maybe a little too much… Those dresses are calle “bandage dresses” and they are the creation of fashion designer Herve Leger. He is a french designer and first created that sytle of dresses in the mid-80’s. In the late 90’s his company was acquired by BCBG Max Azria.

Anyways, his dresses are very in right now, they are hand-made with lycra or elastene. The fit very tight around the body, so ladies I have 3 words: Spanx, Spanx, Spanx. They look amazing on women with curves but are quite pricy: around $1500.00.

All dresses on the following pictures are Herve Leger dresses.


The Pussycat Dolls

Victoria Beckham

Kim K.                  Catherine ZJ.         Mel B.

                           Eva Longoria            Mariah Carey

We will agree that all these women look fabulous in those Herve Leger dresses…Right? But I have to say that the one chick that taeks those dresses to another level is Miss Kim Kardashian with her Hot Body!!! Look at the pics… She looks off the chain!!!





Ankle Boots!!!

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Ok, here’s the deal…I use to hate dislike ankle boots. But I have to say that worn well they give a very cute and chic style. I still think that they look better on long legs than on shorter legs. Also, a big no no with them is wearing them without tights, preferably thick tights (like on the pics below). I think that they look hookerish horrible on skin…So ladies, wear them with tights and short skirts or dresses!!!

Check some styles of ankle boots (I will add the missing prices later, probably around $700-$900 ) but for now I can say that you can find ankle boots for pretty much any reasonable budget, at Nine West, Steve Madden etc…


BCBG Echo $138.95                        Seychelles $119.95


C. Louboutin               Gucci


Rihanna                                                        Mariah Carey

White jeans

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Hello fellow readers, I have been quite busy lately and have neglected you guys; but I am back now. And the theme of today is White Jeans.

I know that white jeans are of course an item for the summer, however they are so chic that I can’t help but talking about them. I think that they give a really nice and fresh look. They glam-up the whole outfit. Mixed with gold or silver accessories, they are HOT. Also, they can be worn with nice bright colors.

You can find some at: nordstrom, seven jeans, levi’s, joey’s jeans, galeries lafayette (france), sakhs etc..

Check some of these celebrities rocking that style.

J.Lo                         Hilary Duff            Kate Middleton

Charlize Theron                        Beyonce

Kim K.                                       Victoria Beckham


Sumptuous Eva!!!

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Hair: Nice and slick “chighon”

Skin: Glowy and uniform

Make-up: Simle and Glamour

Jewelry: Silver “leaf” earrings. Very bohemian chic that complement her face beautifully