Radiant Angelina!!!

Ok, here is the deal…I have a couple of friends who have given birth not so long ago and must I say that although I am thrilled to be an auntie to adorable little buddles of joy, I am mos def paranoid with the thought of the pregnancy weight gain. Indeed, both of my friends not only gained a lot of weight, but they also looked very tired and quite miserable towards the end of their pregnancies . I guess we all have different bodies and carry pregnancies differently, however, I really really wish that I will be a cute looking pregnant woman when the time comes.

I must say that when I see Angelina Jolie, who is due with TWINS on August 19, I cannot get over how radiant he looks. I always thought it was cliche when people say of a woman that she is beautiful but even more when she is pregnant; I felt like it’s the kinda stuff people tell you becoz u look so miserable that they try to cheer u up. Now, I believe it, Angelina looks stunning, this is the most beautiful that I have seen her. She needs to give me her secret…. Ladies, look for urselves…on the red carpet at the premiere of KungFu Panda at the 2008 Cannes festival (that is taking place right now in the South of France), Angelina is wearing a sumptuous green empire waist gown that is to die for… Of course, it doesn’t hurt that she is being accompanied by one of the most handsome man on the planet: Brad Pitt.

Here are some of her pictures in Cannes…





~ by kourouma on May 15, 2008.

5 Responses to “Radiant Angelina!!!”

  1. She looks A-M-A-Z-I-N-G!
    wow! I can’t believe she’s having twins. What a blessing!1
    The green dress flatters her so much!

    In regards to pregnancy, you’re not the only one. I am terrified of childbirth and the whole pregnancy process. If I ever get pregnant, I’m scheduling a c-section. I love being an auntie but i think that motherhood might not be for me…

  2. I feel u on the childbrith process, but come on now, 1st its the wedding now its pregnancy….I am gonna have to force u to get married, get pregnant and give birth with no pain medication !!:)
    Really, it is scacry but I think that If so many women have done it before us then it must not be that hard. Plus, my mom always told me that althought it hurts like hell, as soon as the baby is out, u can’t remember how painful it was. I guess it’s God’s miracle way of tricking women into having several children 🙂

    U r so right, green looks wonderful on Angelina…C’mon Amina, let’s all look like her wen we r pregnant…Courage my girl, courage!

    later Queens.

  3. Wow!!!!She does look beautiful!!!
    The dress looks perfect on her! However, nobody can beat my girl HALLE when she appeared in that blue dress on the red carpet when she was pregnant…can you post that pic as well?? I loved her dress…http://filmgordon.files.wordpress.com/2007/12/61397148-halle_berry.jpg

  4. God bless twins 😉 !
    This is the best she’s looked in a while coz she did look awfully emanciated right before announcing her pregnancy..maybe thats the trick… loose loads of weight right before, then put some back on!
    We’ll hopefully look as fab when we get ours!

  5. I miss you..ou es tu? J’ai hate d’entendre ton opinion sur SATC, les awards etc…reviens nous 🙂

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