Best and Worst at the MET Costume Gala!

Early last week were hosted the Metropolitain costume gala and must I say that the celebs showed up in style. Mostly looking great, but I didn’t fancy all of the fashion.

So let’s start with my picks for best and worst fashion…


Beyonce in Armani Prive        Hilary Duff in Elie Saab 

J.Lo in Alberta Ferreti                 Eva Longoria in Marchesa

 Julia Roberts in Armani                         Iman in D&G


Fergie in Calvin Klein                     Giselle in Versace

(The dress doesn’t do her body justice)     (Way too sexy, borderline trashy for this event)

Katie Holmes in Giorgio Armani                   Christina Ricci in Givenchy

(I get the point but way too “funky”)     (same toned-pinkcorset  underneath would bemuch better)

Blake Lively in Ralph Lauren                  Diane Kruger in Alberta Ferreti

(just not feeling the dress & gloves)            (very nice but too short)

Eva Mendes in Calvin Klein           Naomi Watts in Thierry Mugler

(too many angles, plus should have worn diff. shoes)    (looks too much like the perfume bottle)

Kate Bosworth in Chanel                          Kimora in Kevan Hall

(the fabric is too busy)                                 (same)

Mary J.Blige in Michael Kors

(the dress is too puffy, don’t like the hair and the tatoo)


~ by kourouma on May 13, 2008.

3 Responses to “Best and Worst at the MET Costume Gala!”

  1. I agree with your list except for Kimora. I like her dress a lot and the patterns remind me of African patterns that we use a lot for clothes…I guess she is trying to show her man that she can be African too… 🙂

  2. I agree with Eva, Kimora’s dress is beautiful. I would hope someone who claims to be so fab and stylish would not only be familiar with white designers but black designers also, I see this is not the case so I will enlighten you. The designer of Kimora’s dress is Kevin Hall. Kevin is one of the top fashion designers in the business,and he’s black. He has dressed Vanessa Williams, Felecity Huffman, Ellen Pompeo and Sarah Jessica Parker just to name a few. He is Brand Name, I guess he has to be white to get recognition. SMH Lets get educated in the real world of fashion people, just because someone says the name of a designer in a song, or the hot new chick is rockin some new named shoes does not make it HOT! I guess Rihanna has to wear one of his gowns for you to give him his props.

  3. In response to “my 2 cents” comment, what I have to say is that this is a blog where I write and post stuff that I like. I more than welcome readers to participate and give their opinion, whether they agree with me, disagree with me or want to talk about whatever they feel relevant to this blog. There are many ways of expressing an opinion in a respectful manner. Like I said, I welcome any comments. U want to educate? Please do, but don’t do it with an attitude and write condescending comments.
    For anyone’s info, I don’t claim to be anything!! I like what I like and thats all. Taste and fashion are very subjective.
    I am sorry that u see in my posts some racial discrimination. I am not bias and solely express my opinion based on what I like. I would like to think that I still have that right. Whether the designer is African, African-American, Asian, or from Mars, I am still not too fond of Kimora’s dress becoz, although I like the cut, I feel like the fabric is too busy. That’s my opinion. Anyways, lets not get carried away now….

    That said, thank u for letting me know that it’s a KevAn Hall dress, I usually like his stuff, but NOT THAT DRESS…


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