Tag Game..

eVaDiVa tagged me to answer a few questions, so here I go…..

My foundation: Don’t wear any. Just some concealer for the cercle under my eyes (I always have some even when I am well rested).

My mascara: Hypnose from Lancome or Maybeline (sometimes I wear both).

My blush: Format, Raisin or Peach from MAC.

My eyeshadow: I wear a lot of different ones, but the ones I wear the most are Texture, Expresso, Sketch and Arena from MAC.

My daycream: Right now it’s the day cream from Nivea. In the past I have tried anything from Clarins, Clinique, l’Oreal to Lancome. Don’t really c the big difference.

My lipstick: I don’t wear any, I just wear lip liner and lpi gloss. I wear most of my lip glosses with Chestnut or Cork lip liners from MAC. I love MAC and Lancome lip glosses.

My beauty product brand: MAC for make up and for skin care I am not too picky.

My essential Beauty product: I will have to say Spiked eyebrow pencil from MAC.

My favourite beauty product: Caramel Maquicomplet concealer from lancome.

My perfume: Right now it’s Hugo Boss woman.

My nails: nothing, I just keep them natural, sometimes I will wear a burgundish color, nothing too fancy.

My feet: I got really cracked and dry feet so I use “reinventing the heel” cream from Origins. It is great, it keeps my heels smooth and mosturized.

My hands: I use the butter hand cream from H2O.

3 Products to bring on a deserted island: Mascara, perfume and eyeliner.

Women I admire for their beauty: I know I am going to sound cliche, but beauty to me is inside and out. Plus it is so subjective. I admire all women that exude confidence, strenght, generosity and kindness. As far as the physical attributes, I admire good skin (even skin tone), nice facial and body bone structure and good teeth. If I really had to pick one woman that I admire for her beauty, I would have to pick my mother, Tiguidanke Kourouma. Call me bias 🙂

Woman with the best sense of style: I will have to go with my girl JLo.

My ultimate dream: Balancing the joy and responsabilities of spending time with my husband and children while managing my own clothing line. Inch Allah!!

How do I define womanhood: For me womanhood manifest itself through the friendships, the support, the nurturing and the dedication that women have for their families and each other.

My favourite fashion publications: Elle, Vogue and Instyle magazine.

Ok…I am done. If u have time, answer this little questionanire, I would love to read your answers.

Later Queens….



~ by kourouma on May 5, 2008.

One Response to “Tag Game..”

  1. i loved reading your entry! i love the eyeshadows you mentioned.
    When are you updating your blog? i can’t wear to hear about what we should be wearing this summer 🙂

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