White jeans

Hello fellow readers, I have been quite busy lately and have neglected you guys; but I am back now. And the theme of today is White Jeans.

I know that white jeans are of course an item for the summer, however they are so chic that I can’t help but talking about them. I think that they give a really nice and fresh look. They glam-up the whole outfit. Mixed with gold or silver accessories, they are HOT. Also, they can be worn with nice bright colors.

You can find some at: nordstrom, seven jeans, levi’s, joey’s jeans, galeries lafayette (france), sakhs etc..

Check some of these celebrities rocking that style.

J.Lo                         Hilary Duff            Kate Middleton

Charlize Theron                        Beyonce

Kim K.                                       Victoria Beckham



~ by kourouma on April 7, 2008.

3 Responses to “White jeans”

  1. White jeans are so sexy! I am so clumsy though and spill things on myself easily…One me , white jeans is a recipe for disaster…lol.

  2. We missed u so much darling…hey I bought a pair at zara the other day…not really jeans…more like a different type of casual pants…but my butt is huuuuugggeee when I wear them…should I have spanx under?

  3. u think its the white that makes ur butt look big? Anyways am sure wen u rock’em people be like DAMN!!!!

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