Kim K and her many designer bags…

 Last week I made a post about Kim K and her boots. After looking more into her style, I realize that the girl has a lot of designer bags… It’s undeniable that the girl has style. She is always looking good and put together.



Chanel “Petit Coco Cabas”                Fendi “Canvas B bag” $1,430


Chanel “Ice cube” $1,650                                LV “Mirroir”


LV “multicolor Keepall”                              LV “Suhali Aimable”$1,590


LV “Monogram Stephen”


~ by kourouma on March 19, 2008.

4 Responses to “Kim K and her many designer bags…”

  1. oh my god! Peut-elle nous preter un de ses sacs? I particularly like the multicolor Keepall. Ca fait tres” je vais passer le weekend chez mon copain”. lol 🙂

  2. You are so right!!! Ca fait en effet tres weekend… Sa collection de sac est magnifik

  3. Luv that Obama for Change shirt. Of course! But that picture with Reggie Bush is hurting my eyes, and breaking my heart!
    Why Reggie, why?

    gotta admit, the girl got style! But, Im still hating big time! Not as much as EvaDiva though! 😉

  4. He’s gonna dump her ass soon…just watch…hopefully she will have another tape b4 to keep her career going…

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