Rihanna’s Orange Louboutin pumps

For all of you who are dying over Rihanna’s style, here are the shoes that rihanna was wearing in my previous post. They are Chritian Louboutin’s “Som” and retail for $560.00. They must be a limited edition or something coz it took me forever to even find them online.

They are very similar to the “Decolzep” platform pumps by the same designer which are easier to find online but are however sold out…Let’s pray they make some more…


Rihanna wearing those at the macy’s lauching of her new umbrella line…


Som $560                                 Decolzep $650

Lets all go out and buy some orange pumps…even if they are not CL.


~ by kourouma on March 13, 2008.

5 Responses to “Rihanna’s Orange Louboutin pumps”

  1. I like the Decolzep better! I think the heel of the Som is too thick and squarred…I’m gonna spend my tax return money on these…lol…black people…lol

  2. I prefer the Som and I do like Rihanna’s tatoo. Just sexy !

  3. I think thta they are both Hot and so similar. Howeber, just becoz of the platform part of the Decolzeps, which is a bit too much 4 me. I’ll have to go with the Soms also. Plus I know it’s hard to see but as Linda mentioned, the soms have a little toe cleavage thing going on. which adds some femininity to the shoe while balancing out the square effect of the heel…

    Anyways, u guys are buying…I’ll take any of them 🙂

  4. oh rihanna this shoes its so beautiful ani i love so much

  5. Wow, does anyone know where I can get these SOm shoes?

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