Kim K. and her many Boots…

I have to say that I dig Kim K’s style a lot. The girl has a real woman’s body and is totally aware of what looks good on her. She has a real feminine and sexy sense of style. Well, no wonder…she use to be a celebrity stylist and now (with her sisters) owns a clothing store in LA called D.A.S.H.

Plus she is dating one of the hottest guys in the NFL right now. Shout out to my man Reggie Bush…

I have been wanting to make a post about her for a while now. There is so many different stuff that can be talk about style wise when it comes to her. However, today I wanted to just go through her boots collection. Usually, the average women 1 or 2, maybe 3 pairs of knee high boots. Most of time they are Balck or brown just to play safe.

This girl has taken the boot to a whole new level….I know she is not the only celeb with a closet full of boots (remember Mariah Carey’s and Kimora lee Simmons closets on cribs!!!). However, she looks very hot in them.

So check out some of her boot style…


Louis Vuitton tote


Chanel clutch


Fendi clutch



Chanel Hobo



Chanel hobo



LV bag


Fendi tote


~ by kourouma on March 13, 2008.

2 Responses to “Kim K. and her many Boots…”

  1. Can i play dress up in her wardrobe? She really knows what looks great on her!

  2. she is a real good dresseer and i love her style and clothing line.

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