Men with purses!!!

Ladies…. its over!! Men are now coming after our beloved purses. I am not talking about the little man purses that the Europeans wear…. I am talking about big ones, and they don’t go for the cheap ones….the are buying Hermes and stuff!



Check out Pharell with his custom made purple croc Hermes bag!!! source say it cost him $67,000….

And Kanye posing with his very stylish bag!!!

I was having a discussion about that with Chuck Norris who tought that men with these kind of purses were pushing the envelop too much. He tought that they were a bit on the “left side” if you know what I mean…… What do you guys think? Is this a new day where Men and Women can both carry purses? Can a man carry that kind of purse and still be “manly” or this pretty much kills it?

Before you decide on your response, remember that there use to be a time when people thought that only women could have long hair, however, some of the sexiest men on earth have had long hair and still remained “manly”….

Let me know…


~ by kourouma on February 29, 2008.

One Response to “Men with purses!!!”

  1. i am open to the idea of men with purses. After all you cannot put everything in a wallet. The purple Hermes bag is to die for!

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