Hit or Miss?

Jada Pinckett-Smith


I am asking more because of the shoes. Do you guys think that those shoes go well wiyh this type of dress?


~ by kourouma on February 26, 2008.

4 Responses to “Hit or Miss?”

  1. I say Hit. Let me rephrase: it’s not a miss. She’s having fun with it so… me likey!

  2. I guess u can look at it like that…just thought was not a great match…

  3. I like it!!! I’m starting to like not matching shoes with an outfit! it makes them stand out more…I am so excited about my zebra print stilettos…will wear them with something very casual that won’t match at all…will send u the pic!

  4. Those leopard shoes u just got…really are HOT. Don’t forget to send me a pic when u rock’em. As for Jada, I love the shoes and the dress. I wasnt so much talking about the print of the shoes. It was more the style. I think those shoes are a little to funky and bulky for a silver satin cocktail dress with a bow in the front…

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