Here is some of the fashion at the Oscars last night. There was some good and some bad. But let’s stay positive and focus on the good!


Cameron Diaz Dior in John Galliano.

Marion Cotillard (Best Actress) in Jean Paul Gaultier.


Jennifer Garner in Oscar de la Renta.  Kristin Chenoweth in Armani Prive.


Hilary Swank in Atelier Versace.


Katherine Heigl in Escada.      Heidi Klum in Haute Couture by John Galliano.


~ by kourouma on February 25, 2008.

5 Responses to “OSCARS!!!”

  1. I”m feeling Heidi dress and jen Garner. Oscar de la Renta is the best gown designer! Remember that dress he did for Halle…

  2. yes I do..he is Great!!! Jenn Garner does look really good…simple and elegant.

  3. I hated Jen Garner’s look…everything..the dress, the hair, the make up… Same thing for Heidi. The girl is great, but she has the worst fashion sense. You’d think with the body she has, she’d be able to make anything she wears look good. But she always overdoes it. Same old at the Oscars. To me those were the 2 biggest misses of the night.

    Now Diaz’s Dior dress. Drop dead gorgeous!

  4. So Amayel, I guess we can never go shopping back together…you will go on the left and I will go on the right!!! Coz daaaammmn it I cannot see how one cannot like Jen Garner and Heidi dresses! It’s called elegant haute couture!!!

  5. U kiddin me? I loved Jenn Graner’s look…I can give u the fact that Heidi might have overdone some…but back off from Garner…She as looking good..

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