Fashion @ the NAACP Awards

The Naacp Awards were last week. There was a lot of great fashion, it was great to see that most women there were very much aware of their bodies and of what looks good on them in terms of colors, fabrics, style etc…. So without further a due, let’s check it out.



Sanaa Lathan                                          Tia Mowry

Sanaa was just stunning in the rich blue Jenny Packham gown. This color complements her complexion beautifully without being too flashy. The black and gold embroideries at the top of the dress gives it a very rich and sophisticated look while the rest of the dress remain very simple and balances to whole gown out.  The way she wore her hair is perfect for this type of gown. It stays in the simple style and the part in the middle turn a typical ponytail look into a very chic one. Go girl!

I have to say that Tia Mowry came a long way from Sister Sister. She’s now turned into a beautiful young woman who knows what fits her body best. See, from watching her series the Game 🙂, I have noticed that she doesn’t have much hips or booty however, she has got a nice size chest. In this very elegant soft pink dress, she accentuates her assets with a plunging neckline enriched with beeding, while the high waist A line cut of the dress ingnores her hips and butt or lack thereof 🙂 Beau-ti-ful! 



Vanessa Williams                                  Tracey Ellis Ross

Vanessa Williams looks like a million bucks in this Zuhair Murad gown. The one strap style of her gown gives her a very sensual look, with the high waist accentuating her chest while the rest of the gown stays very demure. The combo of Beige and black works perfectly on her.

I loved Tracey Ellis Ross’s dress. I thought that it was maybe a bit simple for the occassion, however, there is nothing wrong with simple. It’s a very chic black cocktail dress that she wore with sexy black stilettos. Can’y never go wrong with that!!



Robin Givens                                                   Eva Pigford

Robin Robin Robin, what is this? She is to grown to be wearing tutus!

Eva, she was so close. The cut of the dress is great, but not with that kinda fabric. Wayyyyy too shiny. And that hair is a No No.


~ by kourouma on February 19, 2008.

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