Wide legged pants/jeans

This past fall, we have seen more of the wide legged pants/jeans style on the streets and in the magazine. Although, I must say that I have been rocking that style way before it became “trendy” ūüôā

I really like that style ’cause I think that it a change from the typical boot cut jeans or the slim styles. It’s still very feminine, but in a manish kinda way.¬†Also it works wonders on women with hips (holla at ur girl..) ’cause it balances the lower body out.

Wide legged pants/jeans should ALWAYS be worn with super high heels or platforms, so that the pants cover the shoes and elongate the legs.

Check out some these pics with celeb rocking that style….



Beyonce                           Victoria Beckham          JLo


Kate Moss



~ by kourouma on February 14, 2008.

2 Responses to “Wide legged pants/jeans”

  1. Do you think that wide legged pants suit everyone or do you recommand certain fabrics and styles for certain bodies and shapes?
    Looking at the pics, only Kate & Victoria are truly rocking this style.

  2. Well, I think that wide legged pants look great on women who are not too big or rather slim; because you want to have a wide and flowy effect when you wear them. If a big woman wears one then it just looks like she is wear oversized pants. Also, they are great for women with saddle bags “culotte de cheval” since they kinda hug the hips and are wider from there all the way down as oppose to some other pants which are form fitting and show the saddle bags more.

    I think that there are two kinds of wide legged pants, the jeans Jlo is wearing and the ones Victoria is wearing. See, Jlo is a women with curves, therefore wide legged pants that hug the hips looks much better on her (hence look at the second pic of Jlo compared to the 1st one). While Victoria is very skiny and rocks the wide legged pants style with pants that are wide all the way through and even sit a bit lower on her waist.

    For the Jlo style of wide legged pants, you want a more sturdy fabric, like denim etc….
    For Victoria style you want a lighter fabric, so it flows better.

    It’s all a question of body type and preferences in style.
    Hope I have answered your question.


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