Hit or Miss?


Beyonce wore this dress at L.A. Reid’s after party. It looks stunning from the front no questions asked.

However, the is cut too low for me, it’s such a classy gown that cut low in the back could have worked if it wasn’t all the way down to her crack and splitting in 2 like af ish tail…..what y’all think?

I guess a Hit from the front and a Miss from the back for me. 

But what y’all think about the back?


~ by kourouma on February 11, 2008.

4 Responses to “Hit or Miss?”

  1. I kinda like the back better than the front because of the low cut.

  2. That’s because u a freak Amayel…lol! just kidding!
    I like the front better coz like u said KRM, the cut is way too low and it does not look classy anymore…

  3. I like low cuts 2 but this is a bit much for the kinda dress it is.

  4. I have to agree with you ladies. The back is a little tacky because it does not leave much to the imagination. A sexy outfit should entice its audience and make it wonder but if you are showing your butt cheeks, it defeats the purpose….

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