Grammys after parties fashion

The celebrity life yo…first they get to dress up for the pre-Grammys, then the actual show and then the after parties…..

15482426alfredcusto2112008122350pm.jpg 15482584alfredcusto2112008122341pm.jpg

Kelis and Nas…much better!             Ooh..cute couple..even cuter dress Shan

15483116alfredcusto2112008123432pm.jpg 79700217_10.jpg

A more toned down look for Rihanna…love that electric orange nail polish

While Amerie showcases her beautiful legs sporting an ultra short a-line babydoll dress with those superb YSL shoes.

51391001alfredcusto2112008123136pm.jpg 15481466alfredcusto2112008123223pm.jpg

Janet looks lovely in this straight line dress. The belt spices it up a lil’ and she could not have gone wrong with these YSL pumps.

Akon, Akon, Akon….what can I say? I know u r excited about the grammys and all but honey let me your stylist, coz I know that even in the middle of Febuary, California ain’t that cold to be wearing any kinda fur!!


~ by kourouma on February 11, 2008.

2 Responses to “Grammys after parties fashion”

  1. Please tell me Lindsey Lohan wasn’t his date???!!!???

  2. I don’t think so…I think they were taking a picture of her and he just forced himself in the pic…look how happy he

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