Clive Davis pre-Grammys party

Sorry to all of u readers whom I have neglected for the past 24 hours…..right MTB? Anyways, the Grammys were on last night and I have a lot of pics to share with y’all. But first let’s take a look at the pic from the pre-Grammy party thrown every year by Clive Davis.

And yes…as soon as I get the info on the gowns designers, I will be updating the pics..


here we have Miss Keys looking very sultry in a starpless and flowy gown. I think that the colors and prints on the dress give it an exotic look without being too exotic like some of the other leopard print dresses out there. her hair nice and slick, falls beautifully all the way down to her chest, which is ok since she doesn’t any necklace to show, plus the dress is strapless.

 The only eeck….is the purse she chose…. I can look pass the yellow, but cmon now..not a tote that big…a red or orange clutch would have been much better (if she wanted to stay in the warm color theme).


In the short two toned cocktail dress, Carrie Underwood is just the picture of class and confidence. She has the perfect body type for that dress. Because wearing a strapless A-line short dress with ruffles is not permittec  to everybody. It works perfectly on her. I love the details on that dress…the lace on the borders of the bow and the asymmetric dispositions of the ruffles….


Ok…let me take a deep breath coz y’all know that Rihanna is my girl right now so I cant say nothing bad about her. She usually nails it but this time, the only explanation I can come up with is that she had been doing so good fashion wise that her stylist decided to slow down for the Grammys…..where she rocked the house (but we’ll get to that later).

Anyways, the cut of the dress: nice and sexy; her body in it: HOT; the print on the dress: too much going on. However, the pattern of the print: pretty sexy. As a whole, I think that the dress would have looked better on her in Black or a darker color… but since it’s Rihanna, it look Ok 🙂

cda81.jpg cda42.jpg

The babydolls!! Ashanti looks really cute in this short and sexy cocktail dress. I like the black and fushia combo.

Leona Lewis on the other is a bit too babydoll for me. Her dress looks like an oversized tutu plus the she is too light and too blond to be wearing this color. Love her shoes though…

796850111.jpg cda15.jpg

For once, Serena Williams has got it right from head to toe! She looks wonderful in this short dress with a sexy neckline and sleeves covering her large shoulders. The red works very well with her chocolate skin. The shoes and accessories she picked put the right amount of glitz to the outfit. Go Serena!!!

I would love to hate on Sanaa Lathan since Chuck Norris has a huge crush on her, but I just can’t. My girls Nia Long and Sanaa are working it. They both look great.

79685139.jpg paulaabdul11feb2008pr.jpg

Fantasia almost got it right, but the hair messed it all up for her… u gotta choose girl: ghetto or classy? cant have both!

Hell to the NO… Paul Abdul done mess it up again!

Guess Who is back……………


It’s Whitney Houston, and she looks stunning. The hair, the dress, the make-up, the accessories, it all looks marvelous. Most importantly, she looks healthy…


~ by kourouma on February 11, 2008.

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