Radiant Angelina!!!

•May 15, 2008 • 5 Comments

Ok, here is the deal…I have a couple of friends who have given birth not so long ago and must I say that although I am thrilled to be an auntie to adorable little buddles of joy, I am mos def paranoid with the thought of the pregnancy weight gain. Indeed, both of my friends not only gained a lot of weight, but they also looked very tired and quite miserable towards the end of their pregnancies . I guess we all have different bodies and carry pregnancies differently, however, I really really wish that I will be a cute looking pregnant woman when the time comes.

I must say that when I see Angelina Jolie, who is due with TWINS on August 19, I cannot get over how radiant he looks. I always thought it was cliche when people say of a woman that she is beautiful but even more when she is pregnant; I felt like it’s the kinda stuff people tell you becoz u look so miserable that they try to cheer u up. Now, I believe it, Angelina looks stunning, this is the most beautiful that I have seen her. She needs to give me her secret…. Ladies, look for urselves…on the red carpet at the premiere of KungFu Panda at the 2008 Cannes festival (that is taking place right now in the South of France), Angelina is wearing a sumptuous green empire waist gown that is to die for… Of course, it doesn’t hurt that she is being accompanied by one of the most handsome man on the planet: Brad Pitt.

Here are some of her pictures in Cannes…





Wedding: Eva Longoria & Tony Parker

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On July 7th 2007, actress Eva Longoria and NBA star Tony Parker got married in Paris (France). The reception was held at the breathtakingly beautiful Chateau Vaux le Vicomte located on the outsirkts of Paris. To many, this was the wedding of the year 2007. Eva was beautiful as usual and wore an Angel Sanchez wedding gown.




Here is the original sketch of Eva’s dress by Angel Sanchez. The couple exchanged Piaget wedding band, diamond encrusted for Eva and plain white gold for Tony.


Red cake!! Very original….

Like it?

Later Queens…

Weddings: Tia Mowry & Cory Hardrict

•May 14, 2008 • 5 Comments

These days I have been very tickled by the idea of Weddings. Don’t give me wrong, although I would love to get married someday, I am not obsessed about it, I just like the whole “wedding” ceremony thing.

I spent the whole day sunday on wedding site, so I decided to have a series of post on weddings; and feature a few celebs and non-celebs wedding….

Today I am featuring Tia Mowry‘s wedding. I am guessing that most of you know her either from the series Sister-Sister or the Game. I love her, she is really beautiful and classy.

Last month, she tied the knot with actor and long time boyfriend Cory Hardrict at the Four Seasons Resort the Biltomre in Santa Barbara. There were 170 guests and Tia wore a Kevan Hall wedding dress, and her twin sister Tamera was her maid of honor.


What do you guys think? About the dress, hairstyle, jewelry, bouquet, cake, color theme, location etc…

 I loved the whole thing. The only little thing is that I thought that shot from certain angles, the dress made her look pregnant.

Rihanna done did it again!!!

•May 13, 2008 • 2 Comments

Check out some pix of Miss Rihanna leaving her hotel in NYC monday. She is looking major as usual. I don’t know how she has such a define, sexy and edgy sense of style at such a young age, but Big Up Mama!!!

Handbag: Christian Dior $$$$$

Shoes: Giuseppe Zaotti laced Boots $$$$$

It’s defintely a Superstar style but I think it’s a great inspiration for an everyday street style for you ladie. For example, personally I would wear the whole outfit any day but just not the yellow jacket and the shoes at the same time. I feel like they are both stand-out pieces that might be too much for me to wear at the same time. Rihanna can do it coz she is Rihanna!!!!! I would wear either the jacket with some all balck boots or the boots witha black or “if I am feeling particularly funky” with a purple jacket (to match the boots).

What do you guys think?

Best and Worst at the MET Costume Gala!

•May 13, 2008 • 3 Comments

Early last week were hosted the Metropolitain costume gala and must I say that the celebs showed up in style. Mostly looking great, but I didn’t fancy all of the fashion.

So let’s start with my picks for best and worst fashion…


Beyonce in Armani Prive        Hilary Duff in Elie Saab 

J.Lo in Alberta Ferreti                 Eva Longoria in Marchesa

 Julia Roberts in Armani                         Iman in D&G


Fergie in Calvin Klein                     Giselle in Versace

(The dress doesn’t do her body justice)     (Way too sexy, borderline trashy for this event)

Katie Holmes in Giorgio Armani                   Christina Ricci in Givenchy

(I get the point but way too “funky”)     (same toned-pinkcorset  underneath would bemuch better)

Blake Lively in Ralph Lauren                  Diane Kruger in Alberta Ferreti

(just not feeling the dress & gloves)            (very nice but too short)

Eva Mendes in Calvin Klein           Naomi Watts in Thierry Mugler

(too many angles, plus should have worn diff. shoes)    (looks too much like the perfume bottle)

Kate Bosworth in Chanel                          Kimora in Kevan Hall

(the fabric is too busy)                                 (same)

Mary J.Blige in Michael Kors

(the dress is too puffy, don’t like the hair and the tatoo)

Rihanna on ELLE!!

•May 9, 2008 • 1 Comment

My girl Rihanna has done it again. She is featured on the current issue of ELLE magazine, looking major as usual.

Check her out…


Tag Game..

•May 5, 2008 • 1 Comment

eVaDiVa tagged me to answer a few questions, so here I go…..

My foundation: Don’t wear any. Just some concealer for the cercle under my eyes (I always have some even when I am well rested).

My mascara: Hypnose from Lancome or Maybeline (sometimes I wear both).

My blush: Format, Raisin or Peach from MAC.

My eyeshadow: I wear a lot of different ones, but the ones I wear the most are Texture, Expresso, Sketch and Arena from MAC.

My daycream: Right now it’s the day cream from Nivea. In the past I have tried anything from Clarins, Clinique, l’Oreal to Lancome. Don’t really c the big difference.

My lipstick: I don’t wear any, I just wear lip liner and lpi gloss. I wear most of my lip glosses with Chestnut or Cork lip liners from MAC. I love MAC and Lancome lip glosses.

My beauty product brand: MAC for make up and for skin care I am not too picky.

My essential Beauty product: I will have to say Spiked eyebrow pencil from MAC.

My favourite beauty product: Caramel Maquicomplet concealer from lancome.

My perfume: Right now it’s Hugo Boss woman.

My nails: nothing, I just keep them natural, sometimes I will wear a burgundish color, nothing too fancy.

My feet: I got really cracked and dry feet so I use “reinventing the heel” cream from Origins. It is great, it keeps my heels smooth and mosturized.

My hands: I use the butter hand cream from H2O.

3 Products to bring on a deserted island: Mascara, perfume and eyeliner.

Women I admire for their beauty: I know I am going to sound cliche, but beauty to me is inside and out. Plus it is so subjective. I admire all women that exude confidence, strenght, generosity and kindness. As far as the physical attributes, I admire good skin (even skin tone), nice facial and body bone structure and good teeth. If I really had to pick one woman that I admire for her beauty, I would have to pick my mother, Tiguidanke Kourouma. Call me bias 🙂

Woman with the best sense of style: I will have to go with my girl JLo.

My ultimate dream: Balancing the joy and responsabilities of spending time with my husband and children while managing my own clothing line. Inch Allah!!

How do I define womanhood: For me womanhood manifest itself through the friendships, the support, the nurturing and the dedication that women have for their families and each other.

My favourite fashion publications: Elle, Vogue and Instyle magazine.

Ok…I am done. If u have time, answer this little questionanire, I would love to read your answers.

Later Queens….